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Have you travelled with your kids before? You’re reading this blog so you probably have or are planning too ?. I don’t know about your kids, but ours love to have their own suitcase or bag with them. Buying luggage for kids gives them a sense of responsibility, makes them feel important. And they learn that place is limited, so that extra box of toys or those pretty choose just don’t fit in there.

In this article, we’ll show you our best picks of rolling luggage for kids. From rid on for toddlers to lovely trolleys for kids and cool suitcases or hybrid backpacks for teens.

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What to consider before buying luggage for kids?

You’re buying for kids! So it should be lightweight, easy to handle, not too big and fun. Although the design definitely is important for children, remember to consider other things as well.

Frequency and kind of travel

First of all, a lot depends on what kind of vacation you’re planning. If you’re planning a lot of hikes, camping or travelling through rough terrains, you might be better off with a backpack. Or one of those amazing hybrid suitcases that can transform from a trolley into a backpack. However, the smaller the child, the smaller the backpack. So think it true, because your little ones won’t be able to carry a heavy backpack.

Do you travel a lot? Then you better buy a really durable and probably more expensive piece. The materials used here will last much longer and endure more flights. And you don’t want to end up with a broken suitcase and crying child at the airport.


Another thing to consider is the ergonomic design and comfort. If the travel bag is not easy to roll or carry, you’ll be the one who has to handle it. And that wasn’t the plan when you bought it! The more comfortable and easy to carry, the happier your child will be!

Does the suitcase or backpack offer any extra benefits, such as pockets? And last but not least, check the warranty. Companies who trust their own products, give a good warranty.

Let’s dive into our top choices for travel luggage for kids with wheels. We’ve used some of the brands we mention here but not all of course. So this list is based on a mix of our own experiences, friends reviews and some brands we just know are amazing. If you have anything to add, just let us know in comments!

Luggage with wheels for toddlers and kids

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase

Wouldn’t every toddler or small kid dream of this? No more tears while waiting in a queue, they can sit down on their suitcase! Little tired legs? Parents can tow them through the airport, everybody happy! I wish we would have had this when the kids were little! A unicorn, tiger or bee?

Check all the Trunki Friends here.

Jetkids Bedbox by Stokke

This one has it all! Kids can sit on it, be pulled along and you can transform it to make an uncomfortable aeroplane seat into a great bed for the little ones. It’s suitable for kids between 2 and 7 years old. The downside might be the lack of external pockets.

Check the price and colours of this Jetkids Bedbox here.


Skip Hop Luggage with wheels

Aren’t they cute? Skip Hop has a whole bunch of little animals who want to be your kids best friend. Great is the extra zip pocket and mesh pocket on the side. Our kids love to put their own bottles in there. It’s one of the best-reviewed trolleys for kids!

Check all the Skip Hop friends here.

Heys America 2pc luggage

This brand has some of the most durable and best-looking trolleys and backpacks for kids. They offer these adorable 2pc sets, with different designs.

Check the price of this unicorn set here.

Check all of the Heys America kids luggage here. 


Yodo Zoo Luggage or Backpack

Do you want to roll it or carry it on your back? Both are possible with these nice animal trolleys. They have different little pockets and kids love to play with the ears, tails or wings.

Check the price and designs here.

Stephen Joseph Kid’s Rolling Luggage

This trolley is made of durable fabric, so it can endure any type of travels, whether you take is as carry-on or check it in. Your kids will love the fun and colourful designs and all the little outside pockets. This one would be our girls choice!

Check this princess trolley here.


iPlay iLearn Luggage Set

Wouldn’t every boy like this suitcase and backpack? But they have some amazing designs for girls too! These hardshell luggage pieces are very durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Check here this amazing set.

Check here the other adorable designs for boys and girls.

Cabin Max Kid’s Luggage

Can’t go anywhere without your teddybear, right? With this suitcase, your stuffed animal can come along, while enjoying the whole ride! Also has a mesh side pocket.

Check all the Trunki Friends here.


Travelpro Minions Kid’s Luggage

This popular rolling suitcase by Travelpro is a hit for Minion fans! They also have a great Jurassic Park version. It’s a hard case trolley, so it can stand any type of travels!

Check this Minion suitcase here.

American Tourister Disney

Any Disney fans out here? American Tourister has, besides its regular suitcases, an amazing range of Disney luggage in softshell and hardshell! Whether it be a stylish Mickey or Miney trolley, or a StarWars or Elsa roller. You can’t go wrong with these as they offer amazing quality!

Check the Disney luggage of American Tourister here.

Luggage with wheels for teens

Tilami Rolling Backpack

This backpack is great for teens, whether it is to fo to school or travel. Can be used by kids as well as luggage. They have some great designs, both for boys and girls of any age. The very sturdy wheels roll over any surface and even have a laptop section inside.

Check the Tilami Rolling Backpack range here.

Heys Luggage

Heys has all kinds of cool designs for teens who don’t want just a blank suitcase, but no childish design either. Would you like cool world maps and cities, abstract modern art or Marvel collection?

Check this Heys America suitcase here. 

Check the whole range of Heys here.


Delsey Paris Collection

Delsey has a great carry-on range and a bigger version as well. Love this brick-red colour, but there’s a lot of choices!

Check this brick-red carry-on spinner here.

Check the whole range of Chelsey suitcases here.

Rockland Spinner

These spinner suitcases by Rockland are carry-on and great for teens! They have all kinds of cool young designs and get great reviews for their durability.

Check this pink chevron Rockland Spinner here. 

Check all Rockland Spinner luggage here.

American Tourister

We’ve talked about this brand in the toddler/kids section, but they have great suitcases for teens as well! Such as this amazing Star Wars version, that gets the best reviews and will be a hit for every Star Wars fan! Do you want Darth Vader, R2D2 or BB8? But check out the rest of their suitcases too, they have something for everyone!

Check the price of this Star Wars suitcase here.

Check the whole American Tourister range here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of rolling luggage for kids. Do you have good or bad experiences with a specific suitcase or trolley, let us know! And happy travels!!

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